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Class Deposit $25

MILO Range – Full $125

Concealed Carry – Full $85

Concealed Carry Couple – FullĀ  $140

NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Course – Full $185

NRA First Steps Pistol Orientation $75

Advanced CCW $100

Intermediate LV.1 Pistol $150

Intermediate LV. 2 Pistol $150

NRA Basic Rifle Course $135

NRA Basic Rifle Course Couple $250

NRA First Steps Rifle Orientation $95

Survival Course $35

Advanced Survival Course (Primitive Fire, Land NAV 401) $50

Rifle Sight in (Laser Bore Sight Included) $25

MILO Range Pro Class $125

If paying a deposit only, the remainder of the cost will be collected upon arrival the day of class. For discounted purchases (military, police, etc.), please pay deposit only and the discount will be applied upon arrival.