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Active Shooter Drillsclick here to contact us about this course
Conflicts that arise in schools need rapid and effective response from those in positions of authority. It is with this in mind that policy needs to be put in place and rehearsed for worst case scenarios such as an active shooter in the building of a school. The purpose of this class is to provide those procedures with the maximum amount of security and least amount of risk to all involved.

Basic Self Defense TrainingSelf Defense
The ability to protect oneself and others from harm or serious injury must be paramount in the minds of faculty and staff while there is an active threat in the vicinity. The knowledge and application of tactics, techniques and procedures can mean the difference in halting a conflict before it becomes widespread.

Administrative Training
Identifying a potential threat is a skill set that can be effectively applied in the everyday workspace of faculty and staff. Often times the application of identifying threats can mean the difference between a serious conflict and a minor squabble, to even no conflict at all.

Intruder Response Training
During an active conflict within the school district, communication, policy and procedures must be adhered to so that safety and security can be attained. Rehearsal of these procedures gives school administers a statistical advantage in guaranteeing minimum loss of life or injury during an emergency. This class is specifically designed for each building in the district to deal with an intruder within the facilities. These procedures are meant to be a stop gap between an active conflict and the arrival of police officers.

Bus Driver Awareness Training
This course is designed to establish recommended procedures to active and perceived threats while operating a school bus. Upon completion of training, personnel are expected to effectively demonstrate proficiency in the procedures laid out during the course.

Conceal and Carry Weapons Training and Certification
AMTS Concealed Weapon Course is designed to meet the training requirements to carry a concealed firearm. Personnel will learn how to keep a firearm in the home, firearm safety, cleaning, methods of carry, dressing around the gun, mental conditioning, Missouri use of force laws, duty to retreat, judgmental shooting, and principles of marksmanship, tactical guidelines, stoppage clearing, reloading, and other skills identified by instructors.

NRA Basic Pistol CoursePistol Training
NRA Basic Pistol Course is aimed at individuals who are interested in learning more about shooting techniques and principles. Classroom portion covers from weapon and caliber selection to proven range firing techniques. Come and enjoy a fun and relaxing environment while you learn more about basic pistol shooting and marksmanship all while learning safe shooting procedures.

Private Range Timeclick here to contact us for appointments
AMTS has opened up our 100 yard Rifle Range and 45 yard Pistol/Shotgun range for private use by appointment only. All shooters must attend a 45 minute safety briefing prior to shooting, and will have an NRA Range Safety Officer present at all times, (this safety briefing expires 12 months after completion) Private instruction is available as well. Please contact for more information and pricing. Range capabilities include but are not limited to: AR400 Steel targets, rifle laser bore sight and sight in, shotgun patterning, and various other paper targets.

Intermediate Pistol Courses
The AMTS Intermediate Pistol Courses further develop skills and lessons learned from the NRA Basic Pistol Course. It also introduces psychological factors when confronting an armed intruder. Through these courses, the students will learn to draw and re holster their pistol, transition between targets, different positional stances, magazine changes, and immediate actions drills as well as shooting while moving.

Advanced Pistol Courses
The AMTS Advanced Pistol Courses continue to develop the students’ skills and lessons learned from previous courses. Higher emphases are placed on the psychological factors of confronting armed intruders and fight or flight responses. Through these courses, the students are placed in high intensity reactive “lanes” to gauge their response to outside stimuli. Among those lanes are workplace violence, domestic disputes, and skill building exercises that have a go / no go evaluation. AMTS places a high priority on evaluations and should the student fail on any one exam they will be invited back but not allowed to graduate the course.

Survival Courses
AMTS offers many levels of survival classes designed to prepare individuals for adverse situations. We cover the following topics: firecraft, shelter, navigation, water procurement, horticulture. Each class is offered in a progressive manner in a time frame of 4-5 hours per class, per discipline.  Custom schedules and requests are accommodated as well as group rates are available.
Firecraft 101: Covers the principles and importance of fire and the fire pyramid. Material procurement and sustainment is addressed as well as basic fire types and their specific use. Modern ignition methods are identified and understood as well.
Firecraft 201: Reviews lessons in 101 level class and allows students to practice their skills learned by demonstrating proper use of modern ignition methods in conjunction with gathering the appropriate materials from the surrounding environment. This course has a prerequisite of firecraft 101
Firecraft 301: Reviews lessons in the previous level classes, and then builds confidence across a moderately difficult timed event. This event requires students to build 4 fires using 4 different ignition methods 400 yards apart in different environments. Throughout this event, students learn to use their knowledge and ability to improvise as well as show situational awareness to complete this goal. This course has a prerequisite of firecraft 101 and 201.
Primitive Firecraft: This class focuses on the more extreme level of fire building using non conventional or man made methods. These methods include but are not limited to the fire plow, 1 and 2 man bow drills, pump drill, and the fire saw. This course has a prerequisite of firecraft 101 and 201.
Shelter BuildingShelter Building 101: This class focuses on the principles and importance of shelters. Field expedient shelters are covered in this class to include but are not limited to: mylar and/or poncho shelters and using natural occurring situations to your advantage.
Shelter Building 201: This class reviews the 101 class and builds upon the developing skills. The shelters in this course are more technical and provide greater cover as well as comfort. Such shelters include A-frame and lean to structures. For time consideration, it is best that individuals pair up for best utilization when available. This course has a prerequisite of shelter building 101.
Land Navigation 101: Navigation and self rescue from a potential catastrophic situation can earn their weight in gold. This class will lay the foundation of navigation using simple map and lensatic compass techniques. Students will learn to use a compass, shoot azimuths, determine and utilize pace counts for distance measuring as well as learning basic map feature identification.
Land Navigation 201: This class reviews the 101 level course and then focuses on a more in depth understanding of maps. From there it begins to tie compass and map reading together, thus providing more detailed and precise abilities when traveling across different types of terrain.  Students in this course will have the ability to identify points on a map using a MGRS system and in conjunction with a compass, successfully navigate and test their skills. This course has a prerequisite of land navigation 101.
Land Navigation 301: Test your recently learned skills by completing our self correcting, yet challenging navigation course. Students in this course will have the ability to spend the majority of their time refining their skills. Advanced techniques such as intersection and resection will be taught in this course. This course has a prerequisite of both land navigation 101 and 201.
Land Navigation 401: Have you ever been in a location you were not familiar with and didn’t know your way out? This class is designed for the individuals who wish to leave their map and compass at home or who have lost it along their way. Learn how to navigate through means of sun/shadow techniques, plant growth, sun and star location among others. This course has a prerequistie of both land navigation 101 and 201.

Deposit, Refund and Discount Policy

There is a $25 deposit for all weapons courses to include Concealed Carry due at registration.  This deposit goes toward course materials for each student.  If a cancellation is necessary, a 24 hour notice is required.  The paid deposit is then applied to a future course of the students’ choice.

AMTS offers a 10% discount to all law enforcement, fire fighters, first responders, military personnel and veterans as well as discounts for spouse and couples ccw courses.

MILO Range Training – click here to contact us about this course

MILO Range has set the international standard for interactive use of force, tactical judgment training, and firearms training systems. We welcome you to be a part of the world’s leading simulation system for government, military, law enforcement, and police agencies worldwide.

More realistic, more versatile, and more effective… our customizable simulations deliver safe and realistic training options that allow you to effectively train your team. The MILO Range delivers a full arsenal of training products and tools that get results. Ready-to-train scenarios and an extensive library of CGI firearms drills and exercises are available in complete off-the-shelf packages as well as fully customizable solutions.

The MILO Range Pro that we utilize offers the most advanced feature set available for interactive use of force and firearms training. Included in the system are over 700 ready-to-train scenarios and an extensive library of interactive CGI firearms drills and exercises.