About AMTS

American Mobile Training Solutions LLC (AMTS) is a fully integrated mobile training company that provides essential training for school, business, and church personnel, with a dedicated focus on preventing conflicts that might arise from unknown factors.

The primary goal of AMTS is to provide threat detection training into existing schools, businesses, and churches. The training provided will enable personnel to recognize and react to threats within their facility before a conflict can escalate. AMTS works with administrators to improve and adjust standard operating procedures (SOP) to meet the growing threats that are rising within our nation, while also responding to evolving and emergent tactics, techniques, and procedures that individuals are using. In working with AMTS, schools, businesses, and churches will continue to be fully prepared to counter such threats and successfully accomplish their individual missions. AMTS courses and exercises instruct and allow for rehearsal of personnel in effective execution of these goals.

American Mobile Training Solutions is a veteran owned small business that is dedicated to providing the upmost professional instruction available today. AMTS ensures that the churches, businesses, and schools, will continue to have the ability to successfully accomplish their mission, while implementing and exercising leadership at all levels.

Mission statement
American Mobile Training Solutions LLC is a veteran owned small business. AMTS specializes in threat detection and active conflict courses that are administered directly to school, business, or church facilities. We are a singularly devoted company that is orientated to improving the quality of life for our nations’ schools, businesses, and churches. We accomplish these tasks through proper instruction and training techniques.

Company vision
AMTS vision is to bring the foremost professional services to schools, businesses, and churches of the United States of America.

Ryan Shields
Ryan Shields was a member of the United States Army Reserve for 10 years and served in Iraq from 2008-2009. Upon returning from his tour of duty he worked as a private contractor at the Counter Explosives Hazard Center at Ft. Leonard Wood, MO for just over a year. Ryan then took the opportunity to apply his skills to help the Afghan National Army instructing those soldiers to take the lead from our U.N. Allies. While in Afghanistan, Ryan witnessed the tragedies that were happening back home concerning school shootings at our public schools. American Mobile Training Solutions was created to provide those individuals who would face such conflicts a chance to protect the children who are in their charge.

Ryan is also an avid outdoors man who loves the challenges that nature presents. For the past 8 years he has learned how to prepare fire, food, shelter, and water with limited resources. He has two wonderful girls, Emma 6 and Madison who is 4 years old.

Dustin Steiro
Dustin Steiro joined the Army Reserve in 2003 while attending college in Springfield. He deployed to the greater Baghdad area in Iraq in 2008-09 in which he participated in route clearance missions. Upon returning home, he began his career as a military instructor and trainer. He worked on Ft. Leonard Wood as a contracted instructor teaching both U.S. and Canadian forces in the tasks of Search; which includes area, person, vehicle and building search tactics, techniques and procedures as well as instructing senior personnel in advisory roles involved in search operations. He also instructed the route clearance and reconnaissance sapper course, which involved explosive hazard detection, identification and neutralization using robotic platforms. He has also worked on course development for several other contracts as well as completing the core curriculum for project management certification. He later took these skills on to Afghanistan where he was an instructor and course developer for explosive hazard mitigation and both beginner and advanced security measures.

With nearly 10 years of military service, he has invaluable knowledge of security needs and protocols in dealing with security threats. He has also been a weapons and explosive instructor for his unit while stateside. He currently resides in Willard, MO with his wife and 2 children and enjoys hunting, being outdoors, and staying active with his children.

Clinton Caperton
Clinton Caperton was a Staff Sergeant (E-6) in the U.S. Army. He served for eight years as a combat engineer and took part in multiple deployments to Iraq. He was awarded multiple medals and ribbons for his service. During Clinton’s time in the army he served as his platoon’s lead instructor, from Combat Life Saver Certification to operating the Talon Robot, he has always striven to uphold the highest professional standard to ensure his students were prepared for every eventuality. After the military he has worked in public service as a DS II certified water operator for over 9 years. He has worked in many aspects of public works, from meter reader to leading emergency response tasks, and left as a field supervisor. His training covers a wide range of military and civilian training.

Clinton has been married to his beautiful wife, Alicia, for 10 years. He is an active leader in his church, loves to hunt, go camping and be outdoors.

Tobias Frazier
Toby was a member of the United States Army Reserve for 10 years and served in Iraq from 2008-2009. When he returned home he went to work at the Counter Explosive Hazard Center at Ft. Leonard Wood, MO. He was the team leader for the R2C2 Sapper Course for 3 years. In 2012 Toby was offered a chance to instruct the Afghan National Army to take over the daily missions that were currently being administered by the U.N. forces. Having successfully completed his mission he returned home to his wife, Shaina, and 7 year old daughter Reagyn.

Toby is most at home in his duck blind, taking in the outdoors and hunting for, of course, ducks.

Tim Dustman
Tim Dustman is a former Private Military Contractor for the United States Department of Defense. He is also a current commissioned Missouri Police Officer. Tim was deployed to Iraq for 1 year and 10 months serving on armed teams in which he participated on PSD missions not to mention a Rapid Response Team for Victory Base Complex. He was also attached to a Joint Special Operations Command operating base for PSD missions. Upon leaving Iraq, he was immediately deployed to the State of Israel for 2 years working on joint armed combat missions with the DoD and Israel Ministry of Defense. He worked on a Japanese listening post as a Force Protection team member for 6 months. Also with an armed Anti-Piracy team aboard the cargo vessel HOS Achiever for a year. Tim also has experience on protection teams with FEMA and Department of Homeland Security. He has been a contracted POST certified instructor teaching both law enforcement and civilian security; which includes Baton, O.C., CLAMP, GRASP, arrest control techniques and tactical building clearing and searching tactics, techniques and procedures.. He is also Advanced SWAT, Interview/Interrogation techniques and Anti-Terrorism certified. He is also proficient in Hebrew and German. He is also working with AMTS on course development and instruction. Tim is one of our core Law Enforcement and tactics instructors.

With over 15 years of experience, he has been an asset to this organization. He currently resides in Nixa, MO with his Fiancé and 1 child. Tim and enjoys health and fitness, and staying active with his family and friends.

Michael D. Deans
Mr. Michael D. Deans is a U.S. Marine Corps Vietnam War veteran. Upon returning to his home in Houston, TX in 1970, he joined and started his long law enforcement career with the Houston Police Department as a street officer. The next forty five years involved continual training and experience in personal security and law enforcement in the private and public sectors. His diverse experience in handling and surviving violent human confrontations gives him a unique training value for those who may encounter such engagements and to come out as a victor both physically and mentally. Mr. Deans feels it is just as equally important and imperative to be prepared to handle the ramifications that follow a violent and deadly human confrontation. Mr. Deans has training as a firearms instructor, but most importantly he has the real life experience on when to shoot and when not to shoot as well as maintain the will to be a victor in today’s unpredictable society.

Jacalyn A. Deans
Mrs. Deans is an entrepreneur and business woman who has a unique perspective on what is needed to be a victor in today’s world. She provides a common sense approach and intuition on the many dangers that women face in our society. Her council is greatly beneficial to the many programs and training that her husband and associates provide on a daily basis for those who have the courage to face their fears and not become a statistic.