American Mobile Training Solutions LLC is a veteran owned small business. AMTS specializes in threat detection and active conflict courses that are administered directly to school, business, or church facilities. We are a singularly devoted company that is orientated to improving the quality of life for our nations’ schools, businesses, and churches. We accomplish these tasks through proper instruction and training techniques.


Active Shooter Response Training

During an active conflict within the school district, communication, policy and procedures must be adhered to so that safety and security can be attained. Rehearsal of these procedures gives school administers a statistical advantage in guaranteeing minimum loss of life or injury during an emergency. All training conducted is within the guidelines set forth by RSMO SB 75 and is lead by Missouri P.O.S.T.certified instructors.


Weapons Training and Certification

Designed to meet the training requirements to carry a concealed firearm. Personnel will learn how to keep a firearm in the home, firearm safety, cleaning, methods of carry, dressing around the gun, mental conditioning, Missouri use of force laws, duty to retreat, judgmental shooting, and principles of marksmanship, tactical guidelines, stoppage clearing, reloading, and other skills identified by instructors.


Survival Courses

AMTS offers many levels of survival classes designed to prepare individuals for adverse situations. We cover the following topics: firecraft, shelter, navigation, water procurement, horticulture. Each class is offered in a progressive manner in a time frame of 4-5 hours per class, per discipline. Custom schedules and requests are accommodated as well as group rates are available.

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Foremost, I would like to comment on your outstanding program. The program provided individualized instruction specific to our district, our personnel, and our overall available resources. The training and instruction proved to be informative and enlightening, as the thought-provoking material opened our eyes to evidence of needed revision and change to our current procedures and processes. The real-life scenarios enabled our faculty and staff to interact in an outstanding professional development activity, which helps to protect our most valuable resource in our children!

Secondly, I would like to address the AMTS staff. Your instructors were not only professional and knowledgeable in the content, but most of all were approachable by faculty and staff. Their expertise combined with the willingness to interact with personnel created an outstanding learning environment for all involved.”

Brian R. Wilson, Superintendent of Schools, Hollister R-V School District

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